Smile 'N' Shine dental care centre is an ISO 9001:2008 certified dental clinic, which goes a long way in stating the quality standards maintained here right from the quality of treatment offered to our patients to all other system management protocols.

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Specialist Dentists at Our Clinic

Smile n Shine dental care centre is a multi-specialty dental and implant care centre offering solutions to all dental problems under one roof by a team of dental specialists who are masters of their field and strive to provide the best quality of dental care to our patients.

Here is a brief look at our team of specialists:

Dr. Rajat Sethi - the consultant implantologist and dental surgeonDr. Rajat Sethi is the doctor who set up Smile 'n' Shine Dental Care Centre.

Dr. Rajat Sethi is the consultant implantologist and dental surgeon. He Completed Post-graduate course in oral implantology under the guidance of Dr. R.C. Hertel Implant Clinic Training J.vd Vondellaan, Netherlands. He has also done post graduate courses in fixed prosthodontics and endodontics . He has done immense work in the field of implantology and areas of interest include full mouth fixed replacement of missing teeth. He takes care of all cases related to oral implantology, general dentistry and aesthetic dentistry at Smile 'n' Shine dental care centre. He has vast clinical experience, of general dental practice; in both private as well has government health centers. He has contributed to various national and international workshops and seminars on implantology and aesthetic dentistry. He is a fellow of the prestigious academy of general education (F.A.G.E) and member of various international academies

Dr Shruti Sharma - the consultant dental surgeonDr Shruti Sharma and Dr Isha Rastogi are consultant dental surgeons at Smile 'n' Shine dental care. They have special interest in cosmetic dentistry and are active participant in many continuing education programs in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Shalini Grover( M.D.S) and Dr. Sahana Yadav (M.D.S) are our specialist Periodontist. Their credentials include research and clinical work in the latest bone regenerative materials.They specialize in the prevention and treatment of advanced gum disease which includes bleeding and swelling of gums, bad breath, pus discharge from the gums and loose teeth. They also specialize in cosmetic gum improvement and rebuilding the lost bone around the teeth by gum surgeries and bone .

Dr. Varun Grover - consultant orthodontist Dr. Varun Grover (M.D.S) is the visiting consultant orthodontist at Smile 'n' Shine dental care centre. His areas of special interest include invisible orthodontics in children and adults for correction of irregular teeth. He has delivered remarkable results by implant derived anchorage for correction of malocclusion or irregular teeth.

Dr. Mridul Seth - the consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeonDr Mridul Seth (M.D.S) is the consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon at Smile 'n' Shine dental care centre. He specializes in management of wisdom tooth complications and trauma/fracture cases. He is also associated leading hospitals in the city.

Dr Supreet Sawhney is the oral surgeon and implantologist who manages dental implant cases ,especially immediate loading implants.

Dr. Monika Tandan - the visiting consultant endodontistDr Monika Tandan (M.D.S) is the visiting consultant endodontist at Smile 'n' Shine dental care centre. Specializes in root canal treatments including single sitting RCT's, post cores and endodontic surgeries.

Dr. Piyush Tandon (M.D.S) is prosthodontist Dr. Piyush Tandon (M.D.S) is the consultant prosthodontist at Smile 'n' Shine dental care centre and he is in charge of making all complete and removable partial dentures here. He is acssociated with a leading college in N.C.R and a few leading clinics.

Dr. Gurleen Kaur is pedodontist or paediatric dentistDr. Gurleen Kaur is visiting pedodontist or paediatric dentist at Smile 'n' Shine dental care centre. She takes care of child dentistry at Smile 'n' Shine dental care centre and specialises in space loss management and root canal treatment in children.